High School Football

The Cost of Buy In: Why It’s Culture Apparent for Coach/Athlete Buy-In:

Applicable to nearly every sport in this world, culture is an element that will build a program for sustainability or demolish the foundation of it. The moment you walk into any school building you should be able to gain a feel for what the culture may be based on the atmosphere in which you observe. […]

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“The Little Things Matter”

It’s the end of the summer heat wave and fall is quickly approaching and whistles are blowing and pads are thumping. Consistently throughout each drill you hear coach yelling “it’s the little things”. What are the little things? Reflecting on an 0-2 start of the season the most consistent message we preach and harp on […]

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Concussion: A Reflection from an Athlete

As a football player and athlete in general we play the game for our deeply rooted love for it. There aren’t many times or any time at all where you really think about “What if I get hurt or what if I get a concussion”. These two thoughts hardly rear their face to you when […]

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