Cody Roark was born on March 31, 1994 in Grand Junction, Colorado. Football has always been a major course of his life growing up. He attended Marshfield High School in Coos Bay, Oregon and played four years of football at the Cornerback position and three years on Varsity where he accounted for a total of 98 tackles and 2 interceptions. What stood out about Cody was his passion and love for the game. Hours upon hours of studying film per week and staying in the weight room, Cody was able to develop a passion and find his purpose despite a sequence of adversity. Cody developed a close relationship with his high school coaches and to this day considers his Defensive Back’s Coach Mike Seedborg as a father-figure.

Towards the end of his senior year, Cody suffered a severe concussion that put him out for the rest of the season and put in question his post high-school ambitions of playing College Football. Once Cody was medically cleared, he returned to Grand Junction, Colorado where he signed a contract with the Grand Junction Gladiators, a developmental team located on the Western Slope of Colorado. Cody came in right away and made an instant impact for an already stellar defensive attack that the Gladiators had, in two years racking up 7 Interceptions and 62 tackles and helping the Gladiators win back to back ADFL Championships. Cody accepted a job opportunity back in Oregon during the 2014 season and only played 3 games. When the Gladiators made the National Championship game after winning their third straight ADFL Championship, Cody got on the closest flight and flew to Denver to help compete for a National Title. The Gladiators learned a hard lesson and fell 35-0 against the North Bay Rattlers out of San Francisco California. This created a deep hunger and desire to continue with football and return back to Grand Junction for good. In March of 2015, Cody signed another contract with the Gladiators and has put in tremendous work during the offseason to make 2015 a year to remember. This season Cody has excelled in a multi-role responsibility at both Cornerback and Nickle-Back. On May 16, 2015 Cody suffered a torn ACL against the Metro State Road Runners. Cody’s 2015 season ended 5 games into it where Cody was putting up career best numbers. One of those stats is an impressive 0 catches allowed in 5 games while defending against 5 passes, 1 INT for a touchdown. Since the injury Cody has taken a role on the Gladiators coaching staff as a Defensive Backs Coach. Cody ended his playing career for the Gladiators with 91 total tackles, 27 passes defended, and 9 INT’s with 2 TD’s. Cody continues to pursue his coaching career where he is the RB’s Coach and Assistant Defensive Coordinator for Grand Junction High School’s Varsity Football team under legendary Colorado HS Head Coach Mike Sirko. Cody also hosts the Coaches Corner Podcast every week on IHeartRadio and has a passion for covering the NFL and Football across the board. Cody uses his national platform to discuss the latest breaking news, analysis, and coverage of various topics in the NFL and has had guests like Former Denver Bronco Safety Nick Ferguson on the show periodically. Cody has a Bachelors Degree in Sports Management from Grand Canyon University and is in the process of receiving his Masters Degree in School, Education, and Counseling Psychology with an Emphasis in Positive Coaching at the University of Missouri. Cody is a youth advocate/educator in District 51 in Colorado where he works with youth who seldom receive equal opportunity and advocates for kids through education rather than punitive means.

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