July 21, 2017

The Cost of Buy In: Why It’s Culture Apparent for Coach/Athlete Buy-In:

Applicable to nearly every sport in this world, culture is an element that will build a program for sustainability or demolish the foundation of it. The moment you walk into any school building you should be able to gain a feel for what the culture may be based on the atmosphere in which you observe. What is culture?

Culture is the social behavior and norms found in human societies. When we apply that term to athletics, we analyze what the societal norm is within that program. Across the United States there are athletic programs that have great cultures and there are programs that have awful cultures.

Great coaches instill the foundation of a culture consisted of accountability, integrity, selflessness, and growth. Often these coaches are transformational coaches. The opposites instill a foundation of personal accolades vs team accomplishments, lack of accountability, selfishness, and stagnation. Often these coaches are transactional coaches.

It’s important to set your standard of what you demand as your culture to not only your players, but your coaching staff. As a coach you set the tone, what you expect of and from your players is what you should model in your day to day life. That means showing up on time to organized activities, conducting yourself right away from the field, and representing what character and integrity mean.

The Cost of Buy In: In order for change or growth to come, you must exemplify what it means to be that change to grow. Once you do that and walk your walk, it will become visually existent within your atmosphere amongst your athletes.

Until next time,

Coach Roark